By the end of the program, our students will be better equipped to:

  • Refresh and recall the basics of management and administration
  • Perceive the aspects and theories of business administration
  • Apply the acquired theory to real life contexts
  • Analyse the merits and demerits of theories in practice
  • Evaluate and assess the knowledge gained to meet the needs of the job market
  • Create locally appropriate modules to cater to the requirements of the contemporary industrial context

The outcomes of the MBA Program are as follows:

  • Communicate effectively in a variety of formats
  • Identify the key issues facing a business or business subdivision
  • Utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate and solve critical business problems
  • Integrate tools and concepts from multiple functional areas (i.e. finance, marketing, operations, etc.) to solve business problems
  • Evaluate and integrate ethical considerations when making business decisions
  • Incorporate diversity and multicultural perspectives when making business decisions

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