We are keen on creating a welcoming environment in our hostel accommodations to give the students a feeling of a home away from home. CAIAS houses separate accommodation facilities for male and female students within the campus. We offer twin sharing (for males) and triple sharing (for females) spacious rooms with an intention of providing the students with the comfort of one another’s company. It also gives them the opportunity to make friends and get acquainted with campus life. Some of our hostel facilities include:

  • Security: Safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. Hostels are equipped with CCTVs at strategic places and security personnel are stationed at the hostel 24/7. Access to the hostel is via the use of a biometric system only.
  • Gym & Indoor Games: Within our campus premises, the students have access to a well-equipped gym, indoor and outdoor sporting areas that they can avail when they need a break from their academic pursuits.
  • Study Hall: A common study hall has been provided for effective group or individual study.
  • Power Supply: The hostel is equipped with a 24-hour power back up and hot water facilities.
  • Housekeeping: All the housekeeping tasks are taken care by well-trained and professional housekeeping staff. The rooms, common areas and rest rooms are neatly maintained with high hygiene standards.

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