"An inspiring and unique program for a new generation of strategic and innovative leaders"


    Successful businesses in the future will be those which can confidently and capably steer a path through a world characterized by intense competition, rapid technological development, economic turbulence and increasing resource insecurity. Businesses need leaders who can think and act strategically in this volatile environment, manage the risk and challenges involved while spotting and seizing opportunities for efficiency, innovation and new business models. Businesses also need leaders who will act responsibly in delivering value to all stakeholders.

    Our MBA program has Strategic Leadership as a key theme that runs throughout the course as we recognize the importance of this skill to manage organizations across the globe. Through this program, we will deepen the understanding of how businesses and markets work, how value is created through innovation and marketing, how strategies are crafted, how businesses are financed, how performance is measured, how value is delivered efficiently and effectively, and how organizations should be governed, managed and led through change.


    We shall also explore the challenges of internationalization and doing business with emerging economies. We will instil a passion for business improvement, innovation and entrepreneurial action to help our students lead the growth or creation of new business opportunities. Through coaching and skills training, we will work with them to understand their potential and provide support for improvement.


To develop globally oriented, competent and committed leaders who can achieve excellence in business and contribute to National and Global economy.


To instil among our students the spirit of inquiry, research, entrepreneurship and commitment to lifelong learning and; to create an environment where they become socially sensitive and uphold human values.

Industry - Student TouchPoints

  • Research Incubation
  • Centre for Service Excellence
  • Corporate Mentorship Program
  • Industry Internship Program

Hands on Experience Faculty

Dr. Binu P Paul

Director & Associate Professor

Dr. Mohini Bhat

Associate Professor

Dr. Benjamin Jones

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jyothi Pradhan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shilu Varghese

Assistant Professor

Pradeep Kumar R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sangeetha D

Assistant Professor

K M Vinay Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar

Associate Professor

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